Consumer Care

Everything we do is for the love of dogs and everyone who works for us is passionate about animals.

Our customer care team here at Pedigree® are on hand to answer any questions you might have: from queries about Pedigree® products and feeding guidelines to advice on brushing your dogs teeth, or even a new idea for us to try!

To speak to a member of the team, just fill in our web form online or give them a call on 0800 013 3131 Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 9am to 5pm.

In the meantime, meet the team and their fantastic four-legged friends below:

Andrew and Jackson

My earliest memory is of my first dog Jackson ripping open his Christmas presents. I swear he was more excited than the 4 year old me watching him. I think the best thing about dogs is that the shear range of breeds and sizes means there is a dog to suit everyone out there.

George and Barney

My companion is Barney. He’s a 2 year old Jack Russell x Patterdale Terrier. Barney just has to look at me with his big brown eyes and he knows he’s won me over. Barney is good at retrieving so we play for hours throwing balls and sticks, he especially likes playtime in the water! He is the man of the house and my daughters and I cannot imagine life without him.

Francesca and Alfie

I’m a complete sucker for that wagging tail and big bright eyes! When Alfie comes bombing up to me; unconditionally happy to see me I can’t help but smile, no matter what my day has been like.

I love to take Alfie for walkies up at our local nature reserve where he can run wild before curling up at my feet to sleep once back home.

Gail and Hector

I love cuddling up with Hector (mummy’s baby) on the sofa or snuggling under the covers in bed, although how a small dog can take up so much of a king size bed is beyond me.

He made me giggle the other day when he flung his rope ball over his head and it landed on a shelf scattering Buddha’s everywhere, luckily they all survived!!

Gemma and Loney

Loney my childhood dog was the scruffiest yet most beautiful dog I’ve met. She had a heart of gold and would always come and heal my childhood tears by coming to find me and sitting on my foot. She was not a very affectionate dog so it showed me how much she really cared.

Louise and Boots

Boots, my Mum’s dog is a Labrador crossed with goodness knows what, but she is the most happiest, bounciest dog I have ever met!

She loves a good long walk, although she’s not keen on dirty puddles, followed by snuggling up on the settee (snuggling meaning, of course, taking up all the settee and gradually pushing me off!).

Sam and Millie

Millie my sisters dog is so sweet. I love giving her tummy rubs and cuddles on the sofa, she gives me the “big eyes” look as to say don’t stop!

I also love playing in the garden with her where she will sometimes lead you to play ball if she feels you haven’t played enough!

Susan, Alfie and Taz

I share my life with two Jack Rascals; Alfie and Taz. I am kept busy with them as they never ever get tired even when I am exhausted after all the walks. Taz particularly enjoys swimming, whatever the weather but doesn’t seem to enjoy the baths quite so much. Alfie is much more particular and skips around the mud that his sister plunges through! I love them more than chocolate.

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